Plant Food & Lawn Builder

Safe. Effective. Organic.

Sun Country Farms is working to make our world a little greener by introducing our new product, a safe, effective and 100% organic fertilizer. These nutrient packed granules provide essential organic matter to plants, trees, lawns, and gardens.

Safe to use around wild life, children and pets making it the perfect solution for your flower and vegetable garden, potted plants, lawn, trees, shrubs, and more!

Pathogen free

Salmonella free

Antibiotic free

Steroid free

E.Coli free

Weed seed free

Hormone free

Herbicide free

What customers are saying


“I was a skeptic when asked to try this plant food, but after witnessing the results first hand, I immediately switched 100% of my properties to it exclusively, the lawns are much thicker and greener than before”

Bev Dokter, Executive Landscaper - Saskatoon, SK, Canada

Product End Use

Safe to use around children, pets and wildlife.




Vegetable Gardens

Fruit Trees



And more!

How It's Made

Made in Alberta, Canada, manure is processed and cooked at high temperatures using patented, eco-friendly technology.

Lawn Builder & Plant Food is produced by cooking fresh manure at temperatures in excess of 340°C (650°F), which stabilizes and concentrates the organic matter and nutrients contained in the manure. The end result is a safe, dry, easy to handle dense organic products that will not burn grass, plants or skin.

High temperature treatment destroys pathogens and chemical compounds as well as deactivates weed seeds, making the final product safe to use on the most sensitive crops.

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